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Welcome to the Sandy James Photography on-line portfolio. We are very excited about our new website and we have chosen some of our favorite photographs to share with you. The internet has become an exciting way for us to display our work for you to view quickly and effortlessly.

The Weddings section includes pre-ceremony, ceremony and reception photo's, from different weddings, that tell a wedding day story. Just click on Weddings to enter and then use the "forward" and "backward" buttons to view the photographs.

The Photo Journalism section highlights the unique drama of black and white photography. Photo Journalism got its name from photo journalists who captured a story by photographing it as it happened. As you will see from the photos in this section, we can capture the often missed candid moments of your wedding in high quality black and white.

The Portraits section includes a variety of wonderful portraitures, also called environmentals, for you to experience. They are fun and filled with pictures that share the special moments that can only be captured in a beautiful photograph. Just click on Portraits to enter and navigate with the "forward" and "backward" buttons to see our quality work.

Make sure to check out our Questions section to find out more details about our business and how we can serve you.

And if your not completely convinced we are one of the best professional photographers then just go to our Referrals section and read what others have said about our work! Thank you and enjoy your visit!